In Sickness and in Health

(My own Journey into Traditional Chinese Medicine)

When I started my career, Traditional Chinese Medicine was about the last vocation I would have entertained.  My first professional position was in engineering.  After several years in manufacturing, I took a position in sales.  Then a good friend experienced her first Acupuncture treatment, and insisted I try it.  At the time I thought ‘there’s nothing wrong with me’, so I ignored her advice.  I waited several months before scheduling a visit, more out of curiosity than need.

After two or three treatments I discovered profound relief from stress that I hadn’t realized was bothering me.  I was able to achieve a state of relaxation and calm during treatment, something that I’d lost over time.

That’s when I made a decision learn more about the art and science of Acupuncture.  Not only was I attracted to the mind-body-energy system of Chinese medicine, but I also wanted to find an alternative to a sales career that was draining my vital energy.

I changed many habits: eating healthier foods, exercising more regularly, practicing deep breathing, and seeking additional treatment from a chiropractor and a massage therapist.  Ultimately I made the connection that my physical being and emotional being were closely knit, and when I incorporated all these practices into daily living, I felt balanced and happy.  And when I experienced hardship or pain, I was able to recover more quickly.  Eventually, I decided to study Chinese Medicine full-time and completely changed my career path.

Today, I enjoy serving the community and sharing the many benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine as I experience the rewards of balanced living in my own life, and see the lives of my clients improve.

When you achieve more balance in living, most often you experience joy that allows you to more fully evolve and contribute to others.  Please share with me those things that bring more balance to your life.


One Response to In Sickness and in Health

  • Evelynne, the best thing I ever did was visit your office a few months ago. When I leave your office I have a sense of well being that I have not felt in the past. Traditional doctors have said I have fibromyalgia, but after a session with you I feel less pain and more of a sense of peace. I have recommended you to various friends – I am glad you are in my life! Thank you so much , Lourdes

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