Power Tools for Health

Ask 10 people what is most important to them in life and you will likely receive 10 different responses.

A private survey brought me responses that are not surprising: family, God/religion, relationships, time, money, good health, truth, power/influence, justice, real love.

No doubt illness would have a negative influence on any person’s precious life and dreams, so I will jump to the conclusion that good health can float to the top of most people’s list.

In fact, most people ASSUME good health without taking purposeful steps to achieve it.

Choosing Chinese Medicine (CM) which includes Acupuncture is like using a power tool for human wellness. For those with chronic illness, CM brings relief and hope. For those in relatively ‘good health’, CM further keeps the immune system strong while shielding the body from detrimental effects of stress.

In an acupuncture session, the acupuncture points provide gateways to influence, redirect, increase, or decrease body’s vital substances, qi (energy) and blood, thus correcting many of the body’s imbalances, relieving or reducing most aches and pain.
When we mismanage our health, we lose power to sufficiently keep our body functioning. Little things like irregular digestion and tension in muscles can turn into more critical and more painful issues.

When we get overwhelmed with life stress, we tend to let go of things that importantly ‘feed’ our energy like creativity and socializing; things like listening to music, going to the theatre or seeing a big screen film. Note: there is a paradigm here that taxation fatigue can occur with people who have TOO much of a social life.

With advanced disregard to the body’s complete needs, one will ultimately lose power on a cellular level, inviting more permanent illness and injury.

Important questions to ask:

  • How am I nurturing my body? My energy? My spirit?
  • Am I making energetic investments that lack wisdom in my personal health?
  • What can I do to BEST support my continued good health?

Acupuncture can help you to achieve what is IMPORTANT in life.

Other power tools for healthy living include balanced eating and movement/exercise. More on these topics to come in a later edition.

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