At a poignant time in my life someone gave me a card that read ‘Life is a Journey not a Destination’.  The message remains significant not only to me, but for many who see it displayed in my office. It has been 5 years since One Earth Acupuncture LLC was established, and alas, much can be said about the journey, 250 thousand needles and 700 souls later!
The building of One Earth Acupuncture started with a peaceful, feng shui environment for people to become familiar and make use of Chinese Medicine.  What it has become is a community of individuals that gather as a group to rest, balance, and heal with the use of tiny stainless steel needles.
I consider One Earth a sacred and safe space; a place to release physical and emotional pain while activating the body’s natural healing ability.
The part I play is not only applying the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine through Acupuncture…but I listen. Medically, it’s necessary to listen in order to properly understand one’s Chief Complaint, but what is more, listening is healing.
Every person has a story to tell.
And in this sacred/safe space, people disclose private grief and ache, that remains secret, but once spoken no longer hurts as much.  It is laying down a burden.
When stress and pain remain unreleased, it stagnates and causes more pain or illness…it can be crushing and contagious. But when shared, it is reduced to a bearable load. That is why listening is healing because we are sharing the burden of stress and dispersing its stagnating affect.
It is astonishing to hear the universe respond to our needs; it plays out regularly in the Community Treatment room when there are three seniors struggling with mortality; three Dad’s managing back pain; veterans quietly managing trauma; two young mothers grieving the loss of a child…somehow people with the same burden share one room at the same moment in time, breathing, resting, healing in one space.
Have you ever pondered the healing power of the human body?
I consider wound healing miraculous.  Our bodies have the incredible capacity to heal whether from a superficial cut or a great trauma. And every person has a deep intelligence and intuitive part that can always provide subtle guidance and comfort.
Be conscious about the useless chatter of today’s technologically-burdened over-connected world that distracts you from the present moment, from sleep, from dreams, from healing.
Next time you meet a friend or speak on the phone with a family member. Just listen.
And consider the hidden truth and deep intelligence of life, of the universe, of each person you meet.
Try it in nature too. It can be challenging to get to that intuitive part, but out of that deeper level you may find… who am I and what should I be.
Be vulnerable, be open, be human. Then from that deeper sense of self, an internal power brings you balance, satisfaction, and profound relief.
Find your path. Find your potential and live it. Enjoy the journey!
And don’t forget to listen.

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