Herbal Medicine

Plants, herbs and minerals have been used to heal ailments for thousands of years by many cultures worldwide.

The fundamental idea of living in harmony with nature and the environment forms the basis for the use of Chinese herbs.  Knowledge of the healing power of herbal remedies has been passed down from generation to generation, and today represents one of China’s greatest gifts to humans.

All herbs do not come from China – what makes herbs ‘Chinese’ is that they are prescribed according to Chinese medical theory and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis. Herbs are primarily of plant origin, and may include roots, bark, seeds, flowers, leaves and minerals.

Chinese herbal formulas include hundreds of organic ingredients that work in harmony to produce the desired effects in a person’s body.  Each organic ingredient typically has unique characteristics that are reinforced and harmonized in comprehensive Chinese herbal formulas.

When yin and yang forces, or qi (energy levels pronounced ‘chee’) are off balance in the body and spirit, health problems arise.  Chinese herbs and herbal remedies are used to help realign an individual’s balance in order to improve overall well being.

Herbs are not given to address symptoms alone the way most pharmaceuticals act. Instead, the practitioner assesses you based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnostics.  With this assessment, a customized combination of multiple herbs is created to address the specific state of imbalance in your body. In the practice of Chinese herbal medicine, the ingredients are not chosen based on their chemical components (as with pharmaceuticals), but on the energy output of the whole ingredient.  Your customized combination, known as a formula, is taken in granular, tincture, or pill form. Herbs are designed to treat the root of your problem with very few side effects and without encouraging dependency. In addition, other specific dietary changes may be recommended to further enhance your body’s balance.

Taking Chinese herbs on your own or on the recommendation of someone NOT FULLY trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine is not advised. Chinese herbs are safe for you when prescribed by a trained Traditional Chinese practitioner.

One Earth Acupuncture uses high quality Herbs and supplies.  Chinese Herbs are prescribed at One Earth Acupuncture by Evelynne Toth, a qualified Traditional Chinese practitioner.

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