One Earth Acupuncture was founded to contribute to the shaping of our World by restoring individual prosperity in health. Acupuncture is a health care choice that allows you to feel empowered and select what you need as a human being to address new fears, anxieties and the complexities in life, whether you are currently engaged in difficult therapy or simply seeking assistance in navigating the path ahead.

Good health care should be personalized and preventive.
The current health care system sometimes seems more focused on treating disease rather than prevention. It is common for people today to return from a Doctor’s visit feeling frustrated, discouraged, and ‘without answers’, while others undergo multiple procedures only to find ‘nothing wrong’. A prescription may be provided without further direction about your eroding immune system or a simple exercise that can provide relief for a painful joint. It is even possible that you might have to wait two weeks to get a Doctor’s appointment – evidenced by recent statistics that illustrate an increase in Emergency Room visits among the working middle class. Not only is this system frustrating to patients, but to the physicians and nurses who provide medical care with good intention.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) complements your health by providing resolution and relief at times when you need it the most.

What has emerged from the health care reform movement is a big misconception that your individual healthcare has been delegated to a so-called health care system. It is imperative that we recognize and understand that treatment of complex diseases, disease minimization, health promotion and wellness requires a tremendous involvement on the part of the individual (you!).

Balance your body with a treatment at One Earth Acupuncture – since it’s affordable, your only necessity is time.

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