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The Ginko LeafThe image of a ginkgo leaf represents One Earth Acupuncture because of the ginkgo’s model of stamina, endurance, history, wisdom and medicinal potential.

The ginkgo tree is recognized as the oldest tree in the world and considered a living fossil (fossils recognizably related to the modern ginkgo date back 270 million years). It epitomizes persistence due to its great age and inconceivable span of geologic time. A symbol for us to aspire to through the difficult challenges encountered in life.

The ginkgo leaf itself is poetic and transcendent. Unique among seed plants, the leaf is fan-shaped with veins radiating out into the leaf blade, sometimes bifurcating. The ginkgo has become the most widely researched medicinal herb in the world.

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In the name…

One Earth symbolizes one human; nature as a reflection of human nature.
When realizing the unity between nature and human nature, we might begin to question how we care for our environment, our Earth, our body.
My personal journey toward wellness began with one acupuncture treatment.
That journey walked me through self-understanding and passed-by logic and reasoning, to a horizon that strives to understand what I see, how it works, and how to improve life.
Humans have a natural curiosity that often leads us to capture unlimited and often useless information. But when you recognize the mind’s capacity and limitations, you can experience a symbolic life and begin making fantastic connections based on your sense of things.
This can be considered intuition – finding a deeper understanding without apparent effort.
Every human has the capacity to operate in present time and experience awareness and intuition. When applying this perspective, you might discover the ultimate pain reliever.
East Asian Medicine applies science and biology and never negates emotion and spirit – what is my purpose in this world, between heaven and earth. When feeling a sense of wellness, one is able to better connect with another, contribute to their community, and experience true happiness.

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