The mission of One Earth Acupuncture is to restore individual prosperity in health and introduce Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to those who seek pain relief as well as general wellness.

Your choice to seek TCM treatment can help you discover and recover your true and healthy balance, regardless of your situation or environment.

Located in a newly renovated office in Bordentown, New Jersey, One Earth Acupuncture provides care by a Licensed and Board Certified practitioner focusing on your individual care – a kind of health care that addresses together the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of your healing process.  Acupuncture treatment is not limited to those with an ailment – many people choose TCM (which includes Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs) to maximize their wellness and cultivate healthy balance.

One Earth Acupuncture is a Community Acupuncture Clinic that provides affordable treatments to clients in an atmosphere that is comfortable and relaxing.  Community Acupuncture is a contemporary method of delivering Acupuncture wherein clients receive treatment while seated in reclining chairs that are gathered in a shared space.  The arrangement creates a collective energy that strengthens each individual treatment. Additionally, the group setting allows the Acupuncturist to see multiple patients more efficiently which, in turn, allows for lower fees.

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231 Crosswicks Road, Suite 2
Bordentown, New Jersey 08505
Phone: (609) 298-8812

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