One Earth Acupuncture is dedicated to assisting the U.S. Military, U.S. Veterans and their families, 9/11 workers and survivors.  It is essential for our community to heal the wounds of war by assisting those with combat related stress and injuries.

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The history of military medicine is rich in development and research.  Over the past twenty years, the U.S. Military has employed Acupuncture by treating soldiers at facilities such as Andrews Air Force Base, McGuire Air Force Base, Walter Reed Army Medical Center and various VA Hospitals across the U.S.  More recently, the U.S. Air Force put into operation Acupuncture Clinics that practice a form of Acupuncture called “battlefield Acupuncture”.  Today these clinics treat soldiers in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan.  The Air Force Medical Corps recognizes that Acupuncture dulls pain quickly while eliminating the side effects that are common after taking traditional painkillers.  Reducing the amount of narcotics amongst the troops is very practical because pain medication can cloud the mind and compromise a mission – Acupuncture offers long lasting results within a few minutes.

But despite the tremendous foresight of the government on the use of Acupuncture and its benefits, local accessibility to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for Veterans is limited. Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and past conflicts or wars have special needs that may not be addressed by the government’s complex and cumbersome medical system.

Veterans often experience pain, insomnia, anxiety, lack of focus, panic attacks and flashbacks that remain unresolved. These symptoms, often complicated by pharmaceutical side effects, interfere with their returning to an ordinary lifestyle.  While TCM treatment alone may not be all the care that is needed, testimonials demonstrate that TCM can make a positive difference in the quality of living.

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